Network Failure / Power Outage

In the event of a power cut, all mains powered devices have built in back-up power sources.

Both the Sensor and Sensor+ operate on battery power and so would not be affected by a power cut, capturing and storing data regardless.

Should the Sensors be unable to communicate with the Hub (i.e. due to power outage or being out of range of the network) then they can store 1-5 days’ worth of data (dependent on Sensor type and its configuration).


What Happens If My Network Goes Down?

All sensors are capable of collecting and storing data for 1-5 days regardless of the network status. This means that any network issues, be it a power outage, internet fault or a problem with the sensor network, will not affect the system's ability to capture data. This ensures consistent and robust records, despite any external influences. It also allows the sensors to work in a mobile application, away from the sensor network.

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