Service Alerts

How the system works

Sensors connect to the hub using our wireless network and the hubs connect to the cloud using internet.

All connections must be working for you to see your data in the cloud, and for sensor alerts to be received (though if connection is lost temporarily the data is stored and sent once reconnected).

There can be lots of reasons for connection issues – from sensors being damaged or moved, to WiFi problems at your site.

  • If wireless connection from sensor to hub is lost, an alert is generated after 60 mins, and the sensor reading flashes “OFFLINE
  • If hub connection is lost, an alert is generated after 60 mins and all sensors attached to that hub flash “OFFLINE
  • If any device doesn’t communicate to the cloud for 60 mins, its sensor reading flashes black

So Checkit will send alerts when any device in the sensor network or hub has lost connection.

An email notification for each alert, identifying the device in question, will be sent to your administrator.


If you receive an email, as above, the sensors’ data will not be available in the cloud until it has reconnected.

Control Centre

From the homepage, select Automated Monitoring Status / Devices. The Monitoring Status page will show the device, with a service-alert icon against the location. The device in question will be displayed red to indicate an un-cleared alarm.


A feature on this page is that if the alarm is active, i.e. the device is still offline, the text will alternate between "Offline" and the last measurement value.  



A tooltip (hover over) will provide additional information regarding the cause of the offline alert - "Hub Offline" or "Device Offline".  


Another feature on this display is that if any device has not communicated for over 1 hour, it will be shown in black to emphasise a potential problem.



You can also modify the offline alert period for sensors using the arrows (see below) and then save the updated value. The updated values will be transferred to the hub within an hour.


Each device has a predetermined amount of time between sending data, either every 15 minutes or every 5 minutes, a tooltip will describe how many missed messages the offline alert period equates to.



The offline alert period for all hubs is pre-set to an hour.

Viewing, Acknowledging & Clearing Alerts

The administrator can use the Control Centre to view the details of the alert by navigating to Alert Status page from the homepage and selecting Service Alerts. Alternatively, the user can navigate via the Monitoring Status page, expanding the sensor and selecting the Device Offline Alert icon or expanding the sensor and selecting the Hub Offline Alert icon     


Once on Alert Status page, an administrator user can acknowledge or clear the alert.

Please note: For devices that have patchy communication (i.e. repeated alerts) we advise that you acknowledge the alert and leave it in this state - rather than clearing it. This will reduce the number of repeated alerts.

If you are unable to resolve communication issues, please raise a ticket with customer support at




Important Note: Hub alert functionality requires you to be on the IoT platform. Customers who have yet to migrate to this platform will only receive sensor alerts and not the hub alerts. In order to access hub alert functionality you will need to upgrade to the IoT platform. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us by email:




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