v2.6 Checkit App Release Information

Introduction: Checkit App v2.6

Release headlines

We are releasing a new version of our checklist application with the following improvements.  

  1. Better probe disconnection policy - users spend less time pairing and re-pairing probes while they work.

  2. French translation - selectable at the initial installation.

  3. Improved performance of checkpoints on dashboard - checks that now contain many checkpoint types are displayed quicker.

  4. Various stability issues fixed

This note explains the new release features to users of the app and how to configure them (where applicable).  (Note, not all new features will be available to Solo and Solo+ customers.)

Getting the app

The new app and features are enabled on a per account basis - i.e. everyone in the same account will either have the new or old version of the app.

Memo users should check for new versions under the About App menu - select the “Three Dots” symbol at the bottom right corner of the App, select About, and Check for Updates.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) users use a link to download the APK (the App distribution file).

The APK can be downloaded from:


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