v2.5 Checkit App Release Information

Introduction: Checkit App v2.5

Release headlines

We are releasing a new version of our checklist application to fix two critical issues.  

  1. Previously when the same probe is being used for multiple checks then the probe will become unpaired if the checks are both Optional and Repeatable. This has been fixed. Assuming all the checks use the same color probe then the user only needs to pair once.

  2. Previously the check report for a check which triggers a TDC sometimes does not contain the TDC id code. While the TDC does appear on schedule correctly on the device, on the work report in the web ui the linking between the TDC and the check which triggered it was broken. This is now fixed


Changes in V 2.5

Simplified Notifications

Users are now notified when a new Due; Overdue or any not acknowledged AM Alert occurs AND the last notify was more than one minute ago. If Due/Overdue/AM Alerts still remain in force 10 minutes after this original notification the user is notified again. 

Notifications should not occur while logged in or while on About, Login, FUJ, Pin Entry screens, Diagnostics screens AM alerts are notified while logged in on the dashboard screen via the icon only.

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